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Here’s an entry filled out by the extraordinary Aaron Schroeder!

AARON SCHROEDER hails from Canada. So he’s nice and healthy. (Or so people say). He’s an actor and writer and though he lives in NYC, comes to LA to be in his friends’ things. He was last seen in LA playing fatality obsessed simpleton Garrett on Next Time on Lonny, and, in his own short film, playing German octogenarian post-war emigres Hilde Metzger (Watch trailer here). To see strange photos of Aaron Schroeder visit

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Here’s a page filled out by the totes awes Emily Schmidt.

EMILY SCHMIDT is an aspiring TV writer living in Los Angeles and often dreaming of Minneapolis. She improvises with indie team Lady Parade and spends the rest of her time eating snacks in her car. She recently co-wrote a short film that takes place at a cranberry festival in northern Wisconsin — check out the awesome Kickstarter! (which is only running until the end of June!)

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Here’s page filled out by the extraordinary Anna Konkle.

One time I was born and then I grew to be my age. But somewhere along the way, I made a mistake. And then another time, my one friend emma, asked me to write down many mistakes but since I’ve made only one-  I wrote down things I’m good @ instead.”


writer / actor / co-creator

Sup, y’all. Don’t despair, these journal pages aren’t over just yet!

Here’s a page filled out by the friendliest human alive Ryan Howard.

RYAN HOWARD has been making the world a better place since 1985. He lives in Los Angeles and works as a freelance producer, director and writer, and really - anything you’ll pay him to do. No, really - ANYTHING. 

Also, here’s a web series he made featuring Bubbles from The Wire!!

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Here’s a page filled out by the inimitable Spencer Novich.

SPENCER NOVICH is an actor, clown and member of the comedy group Gentlemen Party. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he performs at Spiegelworld’s Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Come visit him. He’s lonely and it’s hot here. Twitter / Instagram: @spencernovich Website:

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Here’s a page filled out by the super duper Liz Apple.

LIZ APPLE  is a designer/illustrator living in Minneapolis. She is a designer at Target where she designs print and pattern for a wide array of products. She especially likes doodling things very small. Some sampling of drawings are here:

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Here’s a page filled out by the fantastique Caroline Bloom.

CAROLINE BLOOM is an actress in LA. She’s almost almost done writing a short screenplay that she’ll star in this summer, unless Greta Gerwig wants the part.

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Here’s a page filled out by the one of a kind Billy Domineau.

BILLY DOMINEAU is a comedy writer and actor. He’s a freelance contributor for SNL’s Weekend Update and tweets at @midschooldance, @buzzfeedcrisis, and @billydomineau. He really does desperately need a job in his field. To be clear he did not go to Harvard. He also makes videos with his sketch/improv group Gentlemen Party, like these ones (

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Here’s a page filled out by the delicioussss Dominique Toney.

DOMINIQUE TONEY is a singer/songwriter/actor from Los Angeles. Her album “A Love Like Ours” will be released July 29th 2014!
Twitter/Instagram: @domtoney

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Here’s a page filled out by the exquisite Nikki Marrone.

NIKKI MARRONE is a Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger based in Los Angeles.
Beauty Blog: