The Fuck! I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal comes out May 1st.

Here is a page filled out by the wonderful Rachel Bloom!

RACHEL BLOOM is a comedian in Los Angeles. She has been named a comic to watch by Cosmopolitan, Time Out LA and Backstage. Her music videos have been featured by the Onion AV Club, Jezebel, i09 and Splitsider, among others. She has written for Robot Chicken, Allen Gregory, and The People’s Choice Awards. As an actress she has appeared on @Midnight, How I Met Your Mother and provided voices for Robot Chicken, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and Netflix’s upcoming show Bojack Horseman. She has two albums, “Please Love Me” and “Suck It, Christmas!!! (A Chanukah Album)”. She is currently developing a musical sitcom for Showtime. Follow her on Twitter: @racheldoesstuff.

In anticipation of the Fuck! I’m in My Twenties Guided Journal coming out on May 1st, I picked a few pages and asked some all around cool cats to fill in them in.

First up is this FIIMT journal entry from the amazing Matt Porter!

MATT PORTER is a director, writer, and comedian in New York. His things live at MRMATTPORTER.COM.

a new way to watch AFFECTIO!

Dave and I stitched all the episodes together so it can be viewed as an uninterrupted short. It has a running time of 16:39—you could eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in this time!

If AFFECTIO resonates with you, tell your friends about it! If you hate it, tell your friends—-maybe they will dig it! If you are totally indifferent, then maybe you should take up a hobby and find something to be passionate about!

Thanks to everyone who has already watched and shared, I owe ya an ice cream.


Hey ya lil internet kittenz!

I’ve started a new tumblr called “All The Phantoms”. There may be some crossover with things posted on here, but for the most part, it’s for pieces that don’t fall under the FIIMT umbrella.

There will be short stories/viddy-ohs/art/who even knows!? It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe try a sip, ya krazy coconut!

This is NOT the end of FIIMT. I will continue to post drawings here and I have some fun things planned as we get closer to May 1st—the release date of the FIIMT Guided Journal!

You guys rock. I hope to see ya over at da new blog.



Affectio is a web series by Emma Koenig and David Seger. Watch all 4 episodes right here.

Yo FIIMT-heads!

I’m super excited to announce that there will be a FIIMT Guided Journal coming out this MAY from Chronicle Books.

If you’ve never heard of a guided journal before, get out of here immediately and cease contact with me—-Or, um, I mean, it’s just like a regular journal, but it’s filled with prompts to write and draw your own stuff!

I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough—-Thank you guys so much for your support.

so much love,