Woo woo!  Create This Look For Less is the first stop on the F*ck! I’m in My Twenties blog tour!  Joining me this week is backpack block party (on Wednesday 8/29) and David Seger’s Blog (on Thursday 8/30).

Emma, author of F*ck! I’m in My Twenties, has shared some of her beauty must haves that are critical for the FIIMT lifestyle! Re-blog this post to win a free copy of the book F*ck! I’m in My Twenties along with a beauty bag of goodies!  *A winner will be randomly selected. 


Make-up Removing Wipes- For when you’re too exhausted from hating everything to actually wash your face

- CTLFL Tip: always wash your face at night to remove oil and dirt that has sunk into your pores.

Concealer- To hide the fact that you were up all night looking at your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s facebook photos

- CTLFL Tip: Concealer is used to hide any imperfections on the skin and dark circles under the eyes.  Concealer can also be used as a lip/eye primer.

Waterproof Mascara- If you’re going to dissolve into uncontrollable fits of crying at the worst possible moments, you might as well not have messy black squiggles dripping down your face

-CTLFL Tip: Best way to remove waterproof mascara is by massaging Vaseline or petroleum jelly into your lashes and washing away with water.  Be very careful and use a light touch, you don’t want to harm your lashes.

Glitter Nail Polish- Because even if everything around you is falling apart, at least you can take comfort in having kickass nails!

-CTLFL Tip: Apply a base coat on your nails before applying glitter nail polish to protect the top layer of your nails.


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