As of September 1st, the “F*ck! I’m in My Twenties” book is officially out in stores!

You can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and indie bookstores all over. My original idea for FIIMT was for it to be a zine that I would print out at Kinko’s and give away to my friends, so all of this is pretty wild.

Thank you to those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning and those of you who hopped on board along the way and those of you who are just tuning in. Thank you to the people who have liked and reblogged and tweeted and facebooked and written articles and emailed and talked to your friends and sent thoughts via carrier pigeons and ESP and messages in bottles about “Fuck! I’m in My Twenties”.

This support has profoundly affected my life personally and professionally. If you dig the book, I hope you continue to spread the word! If you don’t dig the book, then…well…yeah, this is awkward.


The winners of the book giveaways will be announced soon on the respective blogs: Create This Look for Less, Backpack Block Party, and Dave Seger’s blog.

Also, there are two cool FIIMT events coming up in the next month. One in London (which I won’t be at) and one in NYC (which I will be at!!). I figured I’d have the info for that in its own post so as not to make this one any more of a novella than it already is…although in the time it took to explain this, I probably could have laid out all the details for the events. eogmhflkgmht I’m terrible.



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